Did you catch the action over the weekend?!

The weekend saw Batter C Power take on some of the best B teams in the UK in the Attack of the B Teams tournament hosted by the excellentCentral City Rollergirls.

Batter C had to beat five great B teams to take home the victory – Tiger Bay Brawlers, Dublin Roller Derby, Rainy City Roller Girls, London Rockin’ Rollers and the hosts CCR. The win was anything but secure after a loss to TBB on day one. But teamwork and determination helped them to a 163–125 win against that very same super-tough team in the final (Hello double re-match)!

Extra congratulations to best blocker Jackalope, best jammer Magic Beanz and MVP Rusty Stiletto!

Did you miss out? Catch Batter C and Brawl Saints in Newcastle, taking on the fearsome Newcastle Roller Girls’ A and B teams Nov 14th. Too far? Come and see them at the last home game of the season Nov 21st in Tottenham. Batter C take on Hot Wheel Roller Derby, while your favourite skaters from Brawl Saints and Brawling divide for an epic battle between North and South. Back your borough and get your tickets before they sell out!