Lifestyle of the laced and skated. Well, it would be great to say I got up and put on my skates and did not take them off until I crawled into bed so exhausted by the exhilarating day I had on my wheels, but unfortunately, I have a desk job which does not allow skates. Of course, I have never tried to wear skates there so who knows, maybe I am selling the office peeps a little short (although the carpet would pose another obstacle).

So up I get, as I walk to the bathroom I see my skates just sitting there calling me. I pass them by and try to focus on the issue at hand – a hot shower. After that I do all the fun preening a girl does before she leaves the house, although I am horrible about my hair for some reason. Yes, it probably looks better when I straighten it and blow it dry, but oh bother! I feel I have better ways to spend my time.

I pass the skates again; now I am awake and I decide I need to give my skates some love. This comes in one of two forms: the almost daily re-lacing of my skates trying to find the PERFECT feel for when I skate. Not too tight at the toes, but tight at the ankles so I can have good traction and speed around corners. It is a delicate balance and takes just the right amount of care to make it work, of course, that being said, I am still playing with my new skates (only had them for a month now) and think I am getting close to that sweet spot – yes, skate nirvana – happy feet. The second form is taking off the wheels, rotating them and cleaning the bearings. This task takes more time and while it is not boring it does not have the instant gratification of the re-lacing.

So, after another lacing adventure, I get my things and head out the door. I always wonder if I should take my skates with me in case there is a chance I get invited to skate or even better, get ASKED to skate. But in my line of work, the chances of that happening is next to nil. So I leave them safe and warm at home and go about my day.

My day is filled with work but at the same time I always find a little time to do something related to Roller Derby. Whether it is just sending a few emails to folks or getting pricing on some things or even just updating the finances. Every day I spend time (and some days even HOURS) doing things that really speaks volumes to my self worth and my love of the sport, league and people.

The best thing about being a London Rollergirl is the amazing people you get to share your life with. We skate, we train, we eat, we drink, we share stories and lives and I know through it all I have an amazing network of friends who would honestly be there for me in a time of need. In any circumstance this would be great but it is such a treasure to have it when you have uprooted your life and moved to a new country – it is difficult at best to meet people and to find so many smart and independent women trying to all do one thing is really unique.

But I digress. So after a day at the office, I generally return home and yes – see my skates. There may be a reason for all this: I leave my skates out in the living room. Why? because it is where I first put down my bag so I remember to get the sweaty clothes out of there to wash them! I also want to leave the bag open so the pads can air out. But in the end, it is because putting them in the closet to just have to pull them out again a few days later to skate seems pointless. Although it may seem silly to have this lifestyle and to have my skates so predominant in my life and home, it is something I love and something I am immensely proud of so why would I hide that. It is something I love to talk about; the good the bad and the ugly of it all. It is not always easy and there are personal obstacles to overcome – but that is what makes it so great. You get to challenge yourself in a new an exciting way.

So I fight the urge to put on the skates. I fight the urge to re-lace them again (have to skate in them at least once with the new lace pattern to see how they feel) and I just try to focus on other life challenges, like what to eat for dinner.

Might seem boring but it is NEVER boring being a London Rollergirl!

~Bruise Violet