Become a London Rollergirl: Main League Tryouts

  • Saturday 29th April
  • Doors open @ 14:00
  • £8 incl VAT (plus SeeTickets fees).
  • Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, Brentfield, Harrow Road, NW10 0RG Wembley, Brent, United Kingdom

Do you have what it takes to be a London Rollergirl?

It’s that time again – tryouts for the main league are here! Anyone is welcome to try out, you don’t have to come from LRG rec league – but please be aware that you will be expected to pass all minimum skills and be able to scrimmage.


It is expected that you will have had some training in roller derby already, but if you are an excellent skater from another skating discipline who can pick up new skills very quickly, you may try out even if you don’t have derby training or scrimmaging experience.


– You must have had training in derby basic skills so you can stop and fall safely (and more)

– You must have experience scrimmaging and know the rules of roller derby

Assessors will be looking at the following when making their selection:

Skating Skills:

–Speed Control and stops!

-Agility / Footwork

-Balance / Stability


Derby Skills:

-Blocking Technique

-Positional Sense

-Speed Control


-Pack Awareness



-Offense Success


-Penalties (Cleanliness)

-Team Work






Try outs will consist of two phases – you must successfully ‘pass’ Phase 1 in order to progress onto Phase 2:

Phase 1 (skating skills, derby skills and strategy drills)

Phase 2 (scrimmage)


– Water and snacks

– Black and white top with your number (please ensure your number is on your arms also)

– All your kit (please remember your mouthguards)


Phase 1 – Saturday 29th April 2017

Phase 2 – Tuesday 2nd May 2017


Phase 1: 2pm-6pm at Stonebridge Park Leisure Centre (Hall access is from 3pm, but you must be registered, kitted up and ready to go at 3pm!)

Phase 2: 8 – 10pm at City of London Academy (please arrive at 7.30pm for registration and kit up)

PRICE: £8 incl VAT (plus SeeTickets fees).

Tickets go on sale WHEN?


London Rollergirls will be accepting video submissions for Tryouts. Please purchase a ‘video submission’ ticket. VIDEO SUBMISSION TICKETS £10 (plus SeeTickets fees).

Email hots@londonrollergirls for details on how to submit your video. (You will be expected to send a highlight reel of sorts, or a full game with a list of relevant time stamps where it is easy to identify who you are on the track.)

If you are successful via video you will be invited to attend Phase 2 scrimmage in order to assess you further to see if you can enter probation.

Please ensure your video is submitted by Tuesday 25th April. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Please note: You must be available in person to attend part two should you be successful in part one. For those who pass both rounds probation will start immediately following your acceptance email. We expect all try outees to be committed to joining main league and available for the probation period and beyond.