Blocking Formations with Brawling – Get in shape Bootcamp

  • Saturday 21st November
  • Doors open @ 12 pm
  • 30£
  • Tottenham Green Leisure Centre

Did you watch Brawling play during WFTDA playoffs?  Excited to see them battle it out for the Hydra at Champs?

You may have noticed that Brawling love a solid wall formation and we owe a lot of our success to our killer shapes.  Squares/Triangles/Crabs/Cubes/Diamonds…Learn how and when to use different wall formations for different situations.  Learn how to correctly position yourselves, how to brace, what is required from each of the positions within these formations, how to protect your formation, how to recycle and how to reform.

Why not attend as a unit with your team mates and work together as a pack?  Or come solo and take all that you learn back to your team?  Maybe you will be inspired to create your own formations with this new insight?

Your lead coaches for the day will be Die Die (Jacksonville Playoffs MVP) and Kid Block (the other tall one) and ably assisted by the rest of your favourite Brawling skaters.

This bootcamp is open to all levels.
Skaters of similar levels will be grouped together.
Tickets are on sale NOW!