Footloose and Fancy Feet Brawling Bootcamp

  • Saturday 12th March
  • Doors open @ 12:30
  • £30 on skates
  • Tottenham Green Leisure Centre
We're sorry to say that this event has now sold out. Check out the Facebook event for more information.

Are you hungry after the offseason to work on some skills? Brawling has the perfect class for you to level up your skating. Come and join Brawling in an all level, footwork focused class. We will be working on a range of agility to make better and smarter use of your edges, toes stops, and fancy spins. This will be a progression based class – we start out easy and up the difficulty for each type of manuever. No worries if you don’t feel you can complete every step, but we will be sure to challenge every level attending!

Your lead coaches for the day will be Juke Boxx and Trisha Smackanawa and ably assisted by the rest of your favourite Brawling skaters.

Tickets are on sale MONDAY 15TH
Time: 12:30-15:00
Venue: Tottenham Green Leisure Centre
Cost: £30 on skates (plus see tickets fee)

Please note this is a bootcamp aimed at all levels, given that you are confident on your skates, can stop and fall safely, and can hit and be hit. You need to be 18 or over. Open to all genders.

In the interests of the safety of all participants, coaches may remove someone who they consider not to have reached an appropriate standard, and who poses a risk of injury to themselves or other members of the group. Refunds WILL NOT BE GIVEN IN THIS CASE