Fresh Meat Tryout

  • Saturday 09th January
  • Doors open @ 4:30 pm
  • £5
  • Brixton Recreation Centre

Our next Fresh Meat tryout is scheduled for Saturday 9th January 2016, from 5-7pm, at Brixton Recreation Centre, 27 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8QQ. Please arrive at 4.30pm at the latest to allow for enough time to kit up and register.

We’ve been inundated with requests to join our next Fresh Meat intake, so this session will definitely be a tryout. You will need to purchase a ticket in advance here. There are a limited number of tickets available.

BBC Filming

BBC Get Inspired have contacted us to ask if they can film the tryout for the Get Inspired website. They would like to interview a few attendees if possible – let me know if you’re interested and I will pass on your details.


You will need to bring:

Quad roller skates
Moulded mouthguard
Elbow pads
Knee pads (‘vert’ or aggressive pads – please do not bring anything less substantial than this kind of pad, which is the absolute minimum level of knee protection you should be using and not recommended for long term derby use – we’ll be falling a lot!)
Comfortable exercise clothing (not jeans)

If you need to buy kit, we recommend Double Threat Skates – it’s a skate shop dedicated to roller derby, and owned and run by two members of London Rollergirls. You’ll receive a 10% discount if you print out this email and take it with you.

There’s also a Facebook group for buying and selling used roller derby gear called UK Roller Derby Recyclables. However, please note that it is not safe to buy second hand helmets, as most helmets are unsafe if they have been subject to one significant impact, and it’s impossible to tell whether second hand helmets have been rendered unsafe in this way or not.

Making it on to the programme

We have limited space on the programme and will not be able to take everybody who attends on the 9th. The best way to increase your chances of being successful is to do as much skating as possible before the tryout. There are two weekly roller derby open skates in London that I know of: Dalston Open Skate and London Open Roller Derby Skate. They are both open to absolute beginners, and there are loads of people at each who would be more than happy to show you the basics. The skills we’ll cover in the first session will include T stopsplowsone knee and two knee falls, and crossovers.

Other information

The Fresh Meat programme is 20 weeks long. The sessions after the tryout will be held on Saturdays at Brixton Recreation Centre from 6-8pm. Each session is £5 and dues are payable in installments.

There is an assessment at 10 weeks that must be passed in order to continue, as we start doing contact at that point and skaters must be able to stop and fall safely in order to give and receive hits on skates. At the end of the 20 weeks, there is a final assessment that determines whether skaters can progress into the LRG Recreational League. Rec League practice at the same time as Fresh Meat on Saturdays, 6-8pm in Brixton, and also have an additional practice in Bermondsey on Wednesdays, 8-10pm.

If you have any questions, please contact us at I hope to see you on the 9th!