LEVEL UP with London Brawling 2016 Bootcamp

  • Saturday 09th April to Sunday 10th April
  • Doors open @
  • £140.00 (plus See ticket fee)
  • National Futsal Arena - Birmingham, United Kingdom

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London Rollergirls bring you their LEVEL UP 2016 Bootcamp – hosted by London Brawling.

Take your skating skills and strategy to BOSS LEVEL this year!

The #3 ranked WFTDA team have put together another bumper 2 day bootcamp for you this year so you can PWN all comers as an individual and team player on track in 2016.

Prepare to engage BEAST MODE:
Multiple tracks!
Classroom learning!

This year’s camp will have the lot, covering Jammer and Blocker skills and strategies, as well as situational scenarios.
This camp is for all genders and for intermediate to advanced skaters.

Dates: April 9th-10th
Where: Birmingham Futsal:
Cost: £140 on skates/ £50 off skates (plus see tickets fees)
Limited number of deposit scheme tickets available – pay half upfront and half in a fortnight.
Level: Intermediate/Advance AND Beginner
Single Day On skates – £75 plus see fee
Single Day Off skates – £25 plus see fee

LEVEL CLARIFICATION: NB this is not a concrete definition as there are many factors that come into play in regards to skater skill, ultimately is it down to individual skaters to assess their own skill level. You will not be turned away from a group if you do not meet these criteria, they should be considered as a GUIDELINE to help you assess your own level only.
-On the A -Team of a British Champs Tier 1 or 2 Team (or European equivalent)
-Considered one of the stronger players of a British Champs Tier 3 Team
-Played as part of their National Squad Team at the World Cup
-WFTDA Division 1 or 2 Team
-A transfer from any of the above teams that has moved to a newer/lower ranked team

-On the B-Team of a Tier 1 or 2 British Champs Team (or European Equivalent)
-On the A-Team of a British Champs Tier 3 Team but not necessary one of the strongest players
-On any other British Champs team
-Bouting experience of 5+ games with a league that is not totally brand new.



Beginner – pre or post min skills. We ask that you can stop and fall safely.


To get the most out of the London Brawling bootcamp we ask that you are confident on your skates, can stop and fall safely, and can hit and be hit. You need to be 18 or over, have passed your WFTDA minimum skills UNLESS you are in the Beginner class. In the interests of the safety of all participants, coaches may remove someone who they consider not to have reached an appropriate standard, and who poses a risk of injury to themselves or other members of the group. Refunds WILL NOT BE GIVEN IN THIS CASE.




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