London Brawling presents: Minimum Skills Bootcamp

  • Saturday 07th October
  • Doors open @ 12pm-14:30
  • £31.60 (Includes see ticket fee)
  • Tottenham Green Leisure Centre

London Brawling presents: Minimum Skills Bootcamp!

Learn from the best as Brawling’s finest coaches break down the WFTDA Minimum skills and get you on your way to passing!

This bootcamp will be co-ed and is perfect for those looking to pass their minimum skills or those who have just passed and are looking to refine their skills.

After the bootcamp, our brilliant Batter C will be playing Namur Roller Girls and Brawl Saints will be taking on Lille Roller Girls.

Tickets, including the bootcamp & bout bundle are available now:

Photo Copyright: photography by Andy Sainter