London Brawling presents: Minimum Skills, Drills and Thrills

  • Saturday 10th March
  • Doors open @ 12.00
  • Tottenham Green Leisure Centre


Want to work on your basic skating skills or pass those pesky Minimum Skills? Not only will we will teach you how to perform the techniques, but how they apply to the game of roller derby.

PART 1  will see us working on Stops as well as Skating Form that will assist you with good movement across the track and killer speed control!
This bootcamp is gender inclusive and open to all skaters who have done basic contact. You do not need to have passed Minimum Skills.

This will be followed up by a second bootcamp on July 21st 2018: PART 2: Agility and Fancy Footwork
And finally on October 20th 2018: PART 3: Blocking Fundamentals

We will be selling tickets to each individual bootcamp, as well as a discounted bundle, where you can buy access to all 3 for £80.

After the bootcamp on March 10th,  we have a Double Header with Batter C taking on Dublin Roller Girls B’s and Brawl Saints playing Dublin Roller Girls A’s! Not to be missed!

Tickets, including the bootcamp & bout bundle are available now