World Cup Scrimmage

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Hey Peeps! London Rollergirls are hosting a open World Cup scrimmage on Saturday 10th February for all our international and local friends who will be travelling to the World Cup.
It will be held at the Brixton Recreational Centre from 6pm to 8pm.
Tickets to this scrim of awesome will be limited to 50 skaters and skating tickets will be £6 each. Spectator tickets will be available and price/numbers (TBC soon).

Grab your friends and come and scrim with us 🙂

Skaters wanting to scrim should be of a mid to high level, please bring both a black and white top.

This event is open to all those who identify as women, non-binary and gender expansive.

Tickets cost £6 (subject to booking fee) and are available here!

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Saved by the Quiz

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Strap on your Buffalo boots, dust off those crop tops and scrape your hair back into bunches, not forgetting to leave those tiny straggly bits on each side of your forehead. It’s time to bring out your best Spice Girls or N*Sync fashions to London Rollergirls’ 90s PUB QUIZ

Join the London Rollergirls for one super fly night only on November the 10th from 8pm. It’s gonna be hella tight.

Make a team with your best buds and enter to win one of the best 90s themed hampers and be crowned RULER OF THE 90S!!!

Teams of up to 8 people, £5 per person.

Fancy dress STRONGLY encouraged.

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London Rollergirls present: Whip It! Special screening @ Genesis

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Join London Rollergirls for a pre-Champs party at Genesis Cinema in East London. We’re joining the events team there and the Wiiging Out podcast crew to host a very special screening of everyone’s favourite contemporary roller derby classic, Whip It.

The kitchen does pizza, hot dogs, and pies and mash, the bar will be serving a very special roller derby-themed cocktail for the night.

Love or loathe the film, we’ll have time for a discussion with skaters about the sport, its representation in the film and whether there really should be a ball involved.

Synopsis: Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page) lives in small-town Texas and yearns to break free of her mother’s (Marcia Gay Harden) world of beauty pageants and conformity. She sees her chance when she meets the Hurl Scouts, a roller-derby team; she tries out for the team and wins a slot, lying to her parents about her new hobby. Bliss finds friendship and freedom with her teammates, but a conflict between a championship game and the Bluebonnet beauty pageant threatens to spill her secret.

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London Brawling presents: Minimum Skills Bootcamp

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London Brawling presents: Minimum Skills Bootcamp!

Learn from the best as Brawling’s finest coaches break down the WFTDA Minimum skills and get you on your way to passing!

This bootcamp will be co-ed and is perfect for those looking to pass their minimum skills or those who have just passed and are looking to refine their skills.

1. Basic Skating Skills and Recovery led by The Valkyrie and Katie Black 💃
This section will cover posture, strides, crossovers, speed, stops and backwards skating!

2. Balance and Agility led by Trisha Smackanawa and Jack Attack 🤸‍♀️
These two are pros at stepping, shuffling, hopping, weaving and transitions! They’re going to be passing on their know-how!

3. Pack Skills and Interactions led by Shaolynn Scarlet and Abi Crowe 🙌
WHIPS!!! Need we say more!? No but we will anyway – we’ll also be covering pushes, weaving and unexpected obstacles. Did we mention whips!?!

4. Blocking led by Kristen Lee and Beth Lord 💪
Learn the intricacies of taking hits, positional blocking, leaning and checks from these two babes!

After the bootcamp, our brilliant Batter C will be playing Namur Roller Girls and Brawl Saints will be taking on Lille Roller Girls.

Tickets, including the bootcamp & bout bundle are available now:

Photo Copyright: photography by Andy Sainter

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