Scrimmage with Brawling – Team Black vs Team Rogue

  • Saturday 06th May
  • Doors open @ 12:00
  • 31.60
  • Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness

Ever wondered what it’s like to scrimmage with London Rollergirls Brawling?

Well, you can find out in a scrim lead by our captains Katie Black and Rogue Runner. The two hour scrimmage will have a Brawling skater in each pack to give you feedback after each jam.

Whether you block or jam, this is your chance to get some tips from some of the worlds best skaters!


Please note:
To get the most out of the Brawling scrimmage, we ask that you are confident on your skates, can stop and fall safely, and can hit and be hit. You need to be 18 or over, have passed your WFTDA minimum skills and be scrimmaging regularly. In the interests of the safety of all participants, coaches may remove someone who they consider not to have reached an appropriate standard, and who poses a risk of injury to themselves or other members of the group. Refunds WILL NOT BE GIVEN IN THIS CASE