We did it! London Brawling are officially through to the WFTDA Championships – the first (so far) non-USA team to ever make it.

After a month of intense training, Brawling had to face their friends, Rose City’s Wheel of Justice – the team who just a couple of months ago had beaten Brawling by 49 points during London’s tour of the west coast. It was an intense opening game as only the winner had a chance of getting into the top three and then through to the Championships. If they lost this game, the best they could hope for was fifth place.

Brawling managed to secure a three-point victory after a hard-fought bout, finishing with 190-193.

Next up they faced the bracket’s top seed, Denver Roller Dolls, for a chance to fight for the top playoffs spot. After a tough game and a nail-biting last jam where Brawling came within grabbing distance of a victory, the win went to Denver at 234-210.

But all was not lost. Finally, Brawling took on the team they had faced at every playoffs since they first made it into the old eastern region bracket three years ago. Yep, Montreal’s New Skids and London Brawling would once again be fighting for third place – and the last Championships spot. Neither team had made it to Championships before – and both were fighting for the chance to be the first non-US team to be there. But there could only be one.

Montreal did some amazing work on the track but London maintained a steady lead for almost the whole bout and came out with a 230-129 victory. And with that had secured the third playoffs place and would be heading to Championships!

The next step in Brawling’s world domination dream is now in place. And to add to what was an amazing weekend, Kamikaze Kitten won MVP of the tournament!

Now the next step is back into hard training ready for Championships in Milwaukee on 8-10 November.

We’re so incredibly grateful for all the support the international derby community and fans have shown London Brawling. The enormous volume of “backingBrawling” pictures that were sent in was enough to bring many tears to the eye.

Raising enough money to make a trip to the States for the third time this year is going to be a challenge! We’ve set up a GoFundMe page and are asking if our wonderful fans can spare a few quid to help us on our way. We’re even offering a few incentives as a thank you.

DONKEY – £25
Get a free “Backing Brawling t-shirt” (intl shipping charges not inc)

HORSE – £50
Get a free “Backing Brawling” t-shirt and signed photo (intl shipping charges not inc)

Free “Backing Brawling” t-shirt, signed photo and recorded team thank you message (intl shipping charges not inc)

But every little helps and is hugely appreciated!

Milwaukee here we come…