Meet the Skaters: Ellen

Time for another Meet the Skater! Our next skater is part of London Rollergirls’ Fundamentals programme. World, meet Ellen!

How did you first hear about roller derby? (and London Rollergirls!)
I watched Whip It, of course. (Is there any other answer?) LRG were one of the first teams that came up when I searched online, and I spent hours scrolling through their website, in awe of all the amazing skaters who were playing roller derby in real life!

What made you want to try it?
Watching my first LRG home game pretty much sealed the deal. It was so empowering to see strong, talented and fearless skaters owning the derby track and defying expectations of traditional femininity.

Did you have any skating experience before you started Fundamentals? Have you played any other sports before?
I played a mean Wing Attack on my school netball team, but that was about it. And in terms of previous skating experience – none at all. Unless you count a roller disco aged 7. I was so bad at it I wouldn’t let my mum leave, and she had to hold my hand the whole time.

What is your favourite thing you have learned in training so far? What has been the most challenging thing?
Learning derby stops has been really fun, because they look so stylish! Starting contact work has been challenging but also really exciting; you get a sense of what a real bout will feel like.

What’s the best thing about learning to play roller derby?
The people.

Have you thought about a derby name yet? If so what is it?
A good pun is still pending…

What advice would you give someone thinking about trying roller derby?
Do it! You’ll never regret trying it.


If you want to find out more about our Fundamentals programme, click right here.

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LRD Presents: London vs Tiger Bay Brawlers & Eastbourne

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On April 4th, we’ll be bringing you a double header featuring our B and D teams,


First up, our Dream Team will be taking on Eastbourne Roller Derby’s 💣 Bourne Bombshells 💣 who are travelling to us from the sunny South coast 🌞

Second up, Brawl Saints will be playing Wales’ finest, 🐯 Tiger Bay Brawlers 🐯! Back in 2013, Tiger Bay became the first team ever to beat Brawl Saints – Can they beat them again?

You’ll have to come along to find out!

As always, we’ll have our group bundles available, so if you come in a group of four, you’ll get a great discount! 👫🏿👭🏼

Tickets coming soon!

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Anarchy VII

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Hold onto your helmets, because London Roller Derby will be hosting Anarchy in the UK once more in 2020.

Expect high-level WFTDA opponents, vendors, outstanding officiating and a tournament to remember!

Anarchy 2020
Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May, 2020
Crystal Palace (South London)



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Meet the Skaters: Bash’er Fierce

Bash’er Fierce (#21) skates for Batter C Power and Dream Team

When did you first start playing roller derby?
I started in 2017… By accident!! I had never heard of roller derby but saw a (non roller derby) skater girl in Hyde park and decided I wanted to learn to skate. I googled skate lessons in Croydon and somehow Croydon roller Derby’s rookie intake came up. It took a few weeks to figure out that it wasn’t just roller skate lessons when the coach said to we were going to learn to hit. At that point I went home to google roller derby as I was pretty sure I didn’t need to hit anyone in Hyde Park!!

Did you play any other sports before derby?
I played netball my whole life and then retired to take up lacrosse.

How did you choose your derby name?
A friend who knew I was obsessed with Beyoncé suggested the play on her alter ego Sasha Fierce.

What’s your favourite thing about playing roller derby?
I’ve always loved team sports. I love the physicality of the sport and I love that every time I put on skates I feel like I have an opportunity to learn and improve.

What do you get up to when you’re not skating?
I have an 11 year old son who keeps me busy, I run a management consultancy and I host dinner parties!

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LRD’s House Of Gain Presents: Jump Around!

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LRD’s House of Gain presents: Jump Around

Jump up, Jump up and spin around!

London Roller Derby’s top spinners, movers and shakers are bringing you a legendary mini-bootcamp to help you finesse your footwork and bring those fancy feet onto the flat track.

Think apex jumps, transitions and agility for both blockers and jammers to help you hop, weave and spin around your opponents. Whether it’s a backwards apex skip to recycle a jammer or tricks to whirl along the outside line, we’ve got you covered in this foundational fancy skills class.

Brought to you by top skaters with high level derby experience and artistic skating backgrounds, we’ve pieced together a package that will have you prancing to the pivot line.


Registration: 12.30 – 13.00pm

Bootcamp: 13.00pm – 15.00pm

Ticket Prices

On skates £20.00

Off skates £10.00

On skates and game bundle £30.00

Off skates and game bundle – £20.00

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