Help Brawling get to Playoffs!

We are so excited that London Brawling is heading to WFTDA Playoffs this year for the first time under our new name, London Roller Derby.  It’s in Seattle (far away) so we are fundraising to get them there.  Please see below for all the ways you can help get them there, including some exciting new merch!

Level 1. £5. Selection of stickers and badges (old and new)


Level 2. £10. Option 1: LRD tote, stickers and badges 


Level 2. £10. Option 2: “Smells like Team Spirit” ceramic pin, stickers and badges


Level 3. £15. Option 1: Old LRG T-shirt or Option 2: New LRD T-shirt

3. IMG-0498

Level 4. £25. An old LRG T-shirt and a new LRD T-shirt


Level 5. £35. “Smells like team spirit” grunge long sleeve T-shirt and ceramic pin, stickers and badges

5. IMG-0501

Level 6. £50. new LRD T shirt signed by the whole of Brawling. (The first ever LRD Brawling squad!)


Level 7. £75. Merch bundle including an old LRG T-shirt, new LRD T-shirt, LRG crop top, “Smells like team spirit” grunge top, “smells like team spirit” pin, LRD tote, stickers and badges

7. IMG-0504

Level 8. £100. Everything that comes in level 7, with a T-shirt signed by everyone in the very first LRD Brawling squad

8. IMG-0505

To make a donation please visit here.

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