Looking back, rolling forward – bring it on 2016!

London Rollergirls Brawling All-Stars vs Rose City Wheels of Justice, Swindon Futsal Arena, August 8th 2015. Photograph courtesy of Graeme Willets

A new year means different things to different people. For some it’s the clean slate they’ve been waiting for, while for others it’s a time to look back and reflect on the year gone by. For me it’s the time I put away the Quality Streets (damn you strawberry creams!) and get back to real life. One of the best parts of that is roller derby. I play for London Rollergirls’ Brawl Saints and Batter C Power.

This year I’ve set myself some personal goals, and my roller derby goal is to really enjoy playing. It seems obvious to enjoy the sport I love (which I truly do) but sometimes when competition for roster spots is on, or that last training session of the week is looming (and it’s still bloody raining!) I can lose sight of that for a moment. So as I prepare for a season of working my arse off I’m going to remember to make sure I maximise the fun amongst all the hard work.

I’m so excited about the year ahead for London Rollergirls, and to share some of the awesome stuff we’ve got going on, but before I get to that let’s have a little reminisce. (more…)

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Our Derby Journey: From Rec to Main League


We are Amy (aka Captain Havoc) and Cami Gabriel, two of Batter C’s newest recruits. Both of us came through the awesome LRG Recreational League, which Cami came to having ice-skated for most of her life and Havoc transferred to after two years with Auld Reekie Roller Girls.

We both loved Rec, which caters to those players whose aim is to move into the travel teams, but also to those within LRG who want to play in a more relaxed, fun and non-competitive environment. We scrimmaged with and against other local leagues, as well as in themed Sur5als, intra-league bouts and regular fixtures against Batter C Power.  But both of us began to feel that we were keen for new challenges and decided to have a shot at trying out for Main League where we would be able to skate with Batter C Power, LRG’s team of rising stars!


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Fenix: Snacks to boost your performance at scrim

Why is snacking so important?

The more we exercise, the faster our metabolism gets. So even while we’re resting and even sleeping, we burn more energy.

Anyone who’s ever trained for three hours or more knows that empty-belly, jelly-legged feeling you get on the way home. It means your body’s stores of glycogen, its most efficient source of energy, are running low, and that’s not good: (more…)

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