Who Are The Junior Roller Derby League?

Mama Bash School of Hard Knocks is a junior roller derby league for participants under 18 years old who identify as female, intersex, and/or gender expansive.

The coaches are a collection of passionate skaters within the London Rollergirls main league and rec league.

Our aim is to empower all young skaters by promoting athleticism, good sportsmanship, both teamwork and independence, and positive self-image.

derby_heartWhat Skills Will I Learn In The Junior League

Skaters will learn the basic rules of Roller Derby.

As well as activities outside the roller rink that will help to develop those “derby muscles” needed to perform on the track!

If you don’t know how to skate, worry not, we will teach you.

How Do I Join the Junior League?

We are running taster sessions through the year to build interest amongst schools and families.

Our first one will be on the 10th of December 2016 at City of London Academy in Bermondsey.

~~ Did we mention it’s free? 🙂 ~~

Participants in our off skates session should identify as female, intersex, and/or gender expansive and be aged between 12-17 years old (inclusive.)

Parents, family, friends and siblings of all ages are welcome to come along to watch and find out more about our sport and our community.

Want to join in the fun? Click the button below to attend our free taster session on the 10th December 2016:


We are limited to only 20 spaces for this session so make sure you book yours now.

What equipment do I need?

Our taster sessions our currently run off skates so there is no need for any equipment to attend, other than some comfy clothes to play around in and a bottle of water.


Can’t make the 10th but want to know more about the league and any future events, simply fill in this form below.