BIG NEWS over here at London Rollergirls HQ – our beloved home teams: the Harbour Grudges, Steam Rollers, Suffra Jets and Ultraviolent Femmes are taking a break for our new 2013-2014 season.

This season we’re focusing on our kickass travel teams: London Brawling, the Brawl Saints and Batter C Power so you can still see some epic match ups and some nail biting top quality roller derby action as our TTs take on teams from up and down the country as well as all over the world.

Roller derby has changed a lot since we first strapped on our quads in 2008, when we introduced our home teams we didn’t have anywhere near as much competition and proposed match ups that we do today – which we love and we want to embrace. So in an ever increasingly roller derby filled world we want to spend this year meeting everyone on the track who we can possibly squeeze in. So you want to take a crack at Brawling? Think you can pull a Tiger Bay on the Brawl Saints?Wanna take on the POWER of Batter C? Then drop us a line!

And that’s not all – we are still matching up crack LRG v LRG teams in a retro Pink versus Black battles for glory within our home season. So come along and see what new tactics and strategies we’ve been working on, support your favourite skater and please wear your hometeam merch with Pride! We’ll miss those hearty seadogs, futuristic feminists, crackpot steampunks and horrorshow droogs for this season but watch this space for special appearances and who knows what the future might bring?

Thanks for coming with us on the rollercoaster ride that is life with the London Rollergirls and come and see us at our next bout on November 30th – Tottenham Green Leisure Centre.