Hey Friends, at London Roller Derby we want to show our support to everyone taking action against police brutality and white supremacy; be that through taking to the streets, through donating to Black Lives Matter funds and bail funds, through educating white family and friends, through sharing knowledge or any other forms of solidarity that are helpful.

The delay of this post has revealed that we needed to have those urgent conversations within the league; that commitment to decolonising our majority white league, being actively anti-racist and understanding the ways we uphold white supremacy is work that needs to be an ongoing priority. We must show up for black lives every day.

We want to make it very clear that we support the people taking to the streets. We support black resistance in whatever form it takes. While we look to what is happening in the US, we know that state-sanctioned racism and structural violence runs deep in the UK. The same week that George Floyd was murdered, police in the UK decided to not charge the man responsible for Belly Mujinga’s death.

Belly Mujinga was a frontline worker who was vulnerable to Covid19. Her requests to take up a non public-facing role were ignored by her employer. The denial of the basic safety of a black woman at work has its roots in the systemic racism of the UK. She was spat on by a white man who claimed to have the virus. Belly Mujinga contracted Covid19 and died on the 5th April in a hospital in the London Borough of Barnet – one of the areas we train.

We have decided to donate our full league dues for this month to several grassroots funds, including Belly Mujinga’s gofundme https://www.gofundme.com/f/rip-belly-mujinga

Belly Mujinga deserves justice, black lives matter and while we support collective rage and action at this time, we are committed to holding this space now and in the future.