London Brawling are Going to WFTDA Championships For the 4th Consecutive Season!

We’ve qualified as the number 1 seed at playoffs, and are ready to once again skate the most prestigious track in the world! We’re playing for the Hydra, roller derby’s highest prize.

In order to get there, our team needs your help! We have an ocean to cross and any amount you can donate to help us will be amazing – no matter how small.

As thanks for your donations, we’ve got some great gifts!

If you’d like to donate click here! 

Girl Gang Shirt – designed by Uve the Kid








WFTDA 2014 Gold Medal from Playoffs in Evansville.

*The first tournament where Brawling took a Division Playoff gold

Memorabilia signed by Brawling










Post cards sent from Portland

Fitness Gone Rogue personal training

Private seminar with Brawling members


£15 Portland post card – written by and sent someone from Brawling.

£30 Girl gang Shirt – designed by Uve the Kid
£50 Entered to win the WFTDA 2014 gold medal + a girl gang T-shirt

£75 Memorabilia signed by Brawling + entered to win the WFTDA 2014 gold medal

Signed jerseys or helmets, first come, first served. Here is what is available. If what you select is already taken, you will receive a large signed team photo.
– S1 helmet with Visor signed by entire team
GONE- Juke Boxx signed pink Brawling jersey**
– Kitty Decapitate / Kristen Lee signed Brawling jersey**
– Lexi Lightspeed /Sharon Leese signed Team England jersey**
– Kid Block signed Team England jersey**
-Shaolynn Scarlett signed Suffra Jets jersey**
– Signed by all of Brawling – Team photo


GONE – £100 – an exclusive 3 months personal training with Fitness Gone Rogue – either remotely or in london (limited 1 available)

£200 Private fb live seminar for your league with your choice of topic & 3 brawling players

Drawing the prize for the WFTDA gold medal on Nov 7.

Shirt Size Guide

Many many thanks to  Uve for designing our awesome T-shirts and to Tom for his help on the video.  And  thanks to each of you and our fans for donating!  The unending support makes this possible!

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Team photo credit: Matthew Becker Photography