This is a great opportunity to become an integral part of London Brawling, undefeated in Europe and ranked among top 10 WFTDA roller derby teams worldwide. We are looking for a maximum of four coaches to join the leadership team (made up of captains and coaches) who will share the responsibilities outlined below and aid brawling to achieve their 2018 goals.

The Leadership team is voted in by London Brawling skaters to support and lead the team to train and compete at a high level. Brawling Leadership is in turn supported by the entire Brawling roster and exists inside a league of ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated coaches and skaters.

The four coaching roles are focused on year-long team development; covering all aspects of team management and tactical development. This will include forming a dynamic game day bench staff of between two and four persons. Roles are flexible and can be adjusted to make best use of specific coach’s skills to get maximum benefit for the team. We need you and your skills!

We’ll be open to applicants until the end of 2017 and will look to get our new team in place at the beginning of next year. Please use the linked Google form to send your response.
Specific responsibilities include:- Attend training sessions regularly; ensuring that at least one of the coaching staff will be at each advanced or Brawling training session.
– Work on the bench as required on game day.
– Provide game day structure and lead the game day processes, team meetings, warm-ups etc. This includes pre and mid game tactical adjustments, refocusing individuals or the team as required and setting the overall team energy level on the day.Alongside the rest of the Leadership team (other coaches and captains), work to:

– Assess player strengths and weaknesses, pack dynamics and jammer options
– Develop proactive, strategic game-day line-up systems and tactics
– Provide feedback to the team and individuals
– Assist with selection of charters & game-day rosters
– Determine and assign responsibilities for administrative duties
– Ensure that the WFTDA charter is up-to-date in good time for game roster submission
– Work with LRG’s skater coaching team and Heads of Training to define and implement training focuses which are aligned to Brawling’s chosen style of game play.
– Anticipate and plan for team needs throughout the year, specifically delivering intensive periods of training to achieve peak performance at critical times in the season.
– Plan appropriate and relevant team footage review sessions and team meetings throughout the season as required to keep the team on track towards achieving their goals

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