Backing Brawling Champs 2015

Brawling start their bid for the Hydra today and…

We’re backing Brawling!

From the rest of us at home, good luck Brawling! Tune in at 1600 UTC for their first game against Angel City Derby Girls at the WFTDA 2015 International Championships. Don’t forget, you can show us how you’re backing Brawling! Tag us in your pictures on Twitter, FB and Instagram!

Let’s go Brawling!


Backing Brawling 2015

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The teams they are a-changin’

BIG NEWS over here at London Rollergirls HQ – our beloved home teams: the Harbour Grudges, Steam Rollers, Suffra Jets and Ultraviolent Femmes are taking a break for our new 2013-2014 season.

This season we’re focusing on our kickass travel teams: London Brawling, the Brawl Saints and Batter C Power so you can still see some epic match ups and some nail biting top quality roller derby action as our TTs take on teams from up and down the country as well as all over the world.

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London Brawling are going to Champs…

We did it! London Brawling are officially through to the WFTDA Championships – the first (so far) non-USA team to ever make it.

After a month of intense training, Brawling had to face their friends, Rose City’s Wheel of Justice – the team who just a couple of months ago had beaten Brawling by 49 points during London’s tour of the west coast. It was an intense opening game as only the winner had a chance of getting into the top three and then through to the Championships. If they lost this game, the best they could hope for was fifth place.

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