Offense – the way to your jammer’s heart

  • Saturday 07th May
  • Doors open @ 12:30
  • £30 + fee
  • Tottenham Green leisure Centre

Brawling have been working on some wicked bad offense strategies already this season and this is the bootcamp where we share those with YOU.

Offence is all about creating and holding space. In this boot camp we will focus on seeing spaces rather than bodies as the offence player learning to take advantage of those spaces. Jammers its all about awareness and being in sync with your blockers. In this bootcamp we will focus on how your movements dictate game play and working with your offence.

The season more so than any other we are focusing on playing OFFENSE and DEFENCE at the SAME TIME and we’re bringing you some of our top strategies and drills to get your jammer out while keeping your D nice and strong.


Your lead coach for the day will be Rogue Runner ably assisted by the rest of your favourite Brawling skaters.

Tickets are on sale IMMINENTLY – make sure you have notifications for the facebook page turned on

Time: 12:30-15:00
Venue: Tottenham Green Leisure Centre
Cost: £30 on skates (plus see tickets fee)

Please note this is a bootcamp aimed at intermediate and advanced skaters. You will have passed your minimum skills, be confident on your skates, can stop and fall safely, and can hit and be hit. You need to be 18 or over. Open to all genders.

Intermediate: You have passed WFTDA minimum skills, can confidently skate and
scrimmage, may be in your leagues B team but are looking to progress up to the
next level.

Advanced: You have passed the WFTDA minimum skills, can skate confidently,
can skate backwards, you are in your leagues A team.

In the interests of the safety of all participants, coaches may remove someone who they consider not to have reached an appropriate standard, and who poses a risk of injury to themselves or other members of the group. Refunds WILL NOT BE GIVEN IN THIS CASE