There are many ways that you can get involved with London Roller Derby, whether you want to skate or support. Here’s the rundown of the different ways you can be part of the roller derby revolution.


If you are new to roller derby then we suggest you join our Fundamentals programme. This will allow you to learn the basics of the sport, and to decide whether playing roller derby competitively is for you.

If you are an experienced skater playing with another league, send an email to telling us which league you last skated with and how much skating experience you have.

If you are visiting London for a short time and wish to guest skate with us, drop a line to detailing your skating experience and which team you skate with.


We need officials!

Officials are the people who keep the game running smoothly and safely.  There are many different officiating roles in roller derby.  Skating officials (also known as referees) call the penalties and count the points.  Non-skating officials (NSOs) keep track of time, points, and penalties.

We could not play this sport without officials! Don’t worry if you have no experience – we’ll train you and help you get there, so email us at if you want to become one of our referees or NSOs.


Can’t skate? Won’t skate? Don’t like to learn rules and procedures? No problem! We need an army of people to help us off the track. Don’t hesitate to email and offer your skills.


Oh man have we got a role for you! Roller derby is a complex game and has a lot to offer the average sports stats geek. If you are interested in joining a stats army (or, you know, starting one from scratch) definitely let us know at


London Roller Derby are always on the lookout for new venues!

We are always looking for new training venues. If you know of a derelict warehouse / double-width basketball court / large gym we could use for training and/or public events then get in touch by emailing