Our next featured skater is Bryony, another member of our Fundamentals programme.

How did you first hear about roller derby? (and London Rollergirls!)
I came to watch a LRG game years ago when I was a freshy for another team!

What made you want to try it?
Whip It – Naturally!

Did you have any skating experience before you started Fundamentals? Have you played any other sports before?
None whatsoever…I was (still am) a Bambi on ice!

What is your favourite thing you have learned in training so far? What has been the most challenging thing?
My favourite thing is going fast and running on toe stops – who’d have thought that was even possible? Holding my balance after being hit is pretty challenging, it must go back to channelling Bambi!

What’s the best thing about learning to play roller derby?
The amazing community around me – whilst travelling around the world I used Roller Derby as a supportive network of immediate friends on arrival in far flung lands. LRG hasn’t disappointed!

Have you thought about a derby name yet? If so what is it?
Hmm, it would be too easy to go with the obvious ‘ginger’ puns. I’m waiting for a flash of inspiration.

Do you have any other hobbies? (besides derby!) What do you like to get up to when you’re not skating?
Having just moved to London I’m finding my feet doing all of the exciting things, exploring and buying too many house plants. Also currently learning to LindyHop which is hilarious.

What advice would you give someone thinking about trying roller derby?
DO IT. Honestly, it will be the best decision you’ll make. Fun, friends and fierce thighs.

To find out more out the London Rollergirls Fundamentals programme, click here.