So, you want to try out for main league?

Have you ever attempted to look like a roller derby pro in front of a panel from London Brawling? I have. It’s terrifying, but I survived.

I can still remember trying out for London Rollergirls main league. I’d overcome numerous hurdles from broken limbs to an innate inability to do any sport effectively by the time I had my chance to see if I could make the cut.

When the time rolled around I was hungry for the high level of competition and steep learning curve LRG promised and was scratching at the door, desperate for entry. I remember I struggled to keep down a power breakfast that morning and agonised over all the advice I’d been given by my friends, which seemed at once obvious and unfathomable.

Communicate…edges…dig…offer to jam even if you don’t want to…stick out (but not for the wrong reasons)…and so it went on.


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