London Rollergirls on Vice, April 2016

Meet the Roller Derby Girls smashing their way to the finish line

iD Mobile presents New Originals, a three-part series looking at the lives of people who took control of their destiny by doing things their own way. In this episode we meet the London Rollergirls: an all-female, skater-owned-and-run roller derby league based in London, England.

Watch the trailer here.

Photo by Jason Ruffell.

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Fenix: Snacks to boost your performance at scrim

Why is snacking so important?

The more we exercise, the faster our metabolism gets. So even while we’re resting and even sleeping, we burn more energy.

Anyone who’s ever trained for three hours or more knows that empty-belly, jelly-legged feeling you get on the way home. It means your body’s stores of glycogen, its most efficient source of energy, are running low, and that’s not good: (more…)

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