Officials are the people who keep the game running smoothly and safely.  There are many different officiating roles in roller derby.  Skating officials (also known as referees) call the penalties and count the points.  Non-skating officials (NSOs) keep track of time, points, and penalties.

Officiating is free and open to anyone.  Don’t know how to skate?  Don’t worry, you can join our Fundamentals Program.  Don’t know the rules?  We can teach you that at ref school.  Don’t want to skate?  There are plenty of other roles we can teach you.  And for all officiating roles, there is a lot you can learn on the go with the support our friendly officials crew.

Want to become an LRD official? Get Involved!


Bully Haze
Head Official
Cluster Schmuck
Head Official
Dr. Warlock
Duncan Disorderly
Logan Nighthawk
Short Circuit
Stomp Em
The Slender Ref


Head NSO
Carrie the 1